Sharjeel shows sorrow over incident during Zakat distribution



Provincial Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that he is very saddened by the sad incident during the distribution of Zakat by the factory owners in the site area in Karachi. The private company was distributing zakat, about which they did not inform any administrative authority, which led to the tragedy.

He said that I will not say that the intention of the company was not right, but their method was not right. He said that those benefactors should take steps to distribute aid in a systematic and disciplined manner. He expressed these views while addressing the press conference on Saturday. He said that the Sindh Police has registered an FIR of this incident, and the Chief Minister of Sindh has announced an aid of Rs. 5 lakhs for the families of those who died in this incident and Rs. 1 lakhs for the injured.

The provincial minister said that this aid is not the compensation of any life but to help the distressed families. He said that looking at the situation of free flour distribution in the whole of Pakistan, the Sindh government has made a coordinated strategy to deliver cash to the beneficiaries with the support of BISP instead of flour distribution in Sindh. Under which 7.8 million families will be given Rs 200 per family for the purchase of subsidised flour, and in this regard, messages have been sent to 3824145 beneficiaries on mobile phones till March 30. Out of which more than 1 million have drawn Rs. 2142564000 so far. Sharjeel Inam Memon said that the Sindh government is endeavoring to help people in a dignified manner instead of making them stand on the roads. He said that a subsidy of Rs.15.6 billion would be given in the month of Ramadan. If anyone feels that they are deserving, they should approach the nearest BISP centre, and they will be registered within 24 hours. He said that if the Sindh government has to spend another Rs. 5 billion in this regard, it will do so. Sharjeel Inam Memon, while discussing the current political situation of the country, said that in the history of Pakistan, there has never been such disrespect for the constitution and law as there is today.

Last month, the police were tortured in Lahore. Petrol bombs were thrown at the police. The policemen were injured, but those who were arrested on this charge got bails. He said that the policemen are responsible for security, but there is no punishment for violence against the policemen.