Sharjeel mocks PTI’s ‘flop show’ Says will hold bigger rally in Tando Jam


Taking a jibe at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s long march, calling it a “flow show”, Sindh Minister for Information, Transport and Mass Transit Sharjeel Inam Memon on Saturday said that he will hold a bigger rally in his own constituency Tando Jam.

The statement came hours after the former ruling party held a public gathering in Rawalpindi. The party leaders including its chairman Imran Khan had claimed to bring a “sea of people” for the Haqeeqi Azaadi march in the garrison city.

“Imran Niazi’s show was flop. People didn’t participate as claimed,” Sharjeel wrote on his official Twitter handle.

Imran Niazi’s show was flop. People didn’t participated as claimed. After two days I will arrange a show in my constituency Tando Jam. It will be only a constituency based Jalsa, not central not provincial not district. I assure you it will be way bigger than PTI’s flop show.