Shameless comparison


INDIAN External Affairs Ministry on Thursday compared the on going farmers’ protests in the country over new agricultural laws to the January 6 storming of the US Capitol by supporters of former US President Donald Trump, while hailing the two countries as “vibrant democracies”. The MEA spokesperson said this in response to an earlier statement from the US State Department calling for differences to be resolved through dialogue in the ongoing confrontation between protesting Indian farmers and the Modi-led BJP government.

This is, indeed, a shameless comparison and an insult to the farming community, which was protesting to secure its fundamental rights. There was no similarity in the two incidents as the attack on the Capitol was a last ditch attempt by supporters of Trump to obstruct the smooth transition of power following elections that were viewed as transparent and fair by the majority of Americans and the world public opinion. The attack was universally condemned by democracy-loving Americans and people of the globe whereas the world is condemning the Modi-Government for its insensitivity to the cause of farmers and ruthless handling of the just movement. Instead of listening to the demands of the farmers, the Modi-Government has resorted to paramilitary violence against them and imposed Internet restrictions to keep a lid on its misdeeds. The cause of the farmers has international appeal as apart from world capitals, global celebrities are also expressing complete solidarity with protesting farmers. India stands isolated because of berserk policies of Prime Minister Modi and those trying to defend his repressive actions and policies are doing so at the risk of becoming a laughing stock.

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