Shahnaz Sheikh assigned to prepare PHF manual



Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has assigned Former Olympian Shahnaz Sheikh to prepare a manual for the national coaches and players which would help facilitate the exercise of the national game.
“The manual would be comprehensive document, covering all the achievements of former erstwhile greats as well as guidelines for the current and upcoming hockey players, Shahnaz who had being appointed as PHF spokesperson told APP.
Shahnaz, who played between 1969 and 1978 was capped 68 times and had scored 45 goals for the National hockey team, said the manual would spell out all the ways of rules, policy and guidelines to develop national game from the grass-roots level covering all aspects of the game. Spelling out the details, he said that the manual would provide guidelines for players, coaches and trainers from the grass-root level to the top. Shahnaz said he could not give a deadline for the completion of the manual but expected that it would be completed in one year’s time.
“Before former players used to visit hockey grounds to pass on their skills to the upcoming players but now that practice has stopped,” he lamented.
Shahnaz, who won the 1971 Field Hockey World Cup and was runner-up in 1975 and won again in 1978, said we have to put the skills and accomplishments of former greats on paper without disturbing the current standards and our values of the national game.
Shahnaz, who won a silver medal in 1972 and a bronze in 1976 Olympics, said preparation of the manual was not an easy task hence he would need a team, having proper knowledge of the game and its rules and regulations.
“This document would give a direction to the hockey managers stating if they would work towards that direction, I am sure we will be able to move on the path to revive our lost glory,” he said.—APP

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