Citizens to remain vigilant against online cheaters


Staff Reporter

Cybersecurity experts Sunday asked citizen to remain aware and vigilant against online cheaters as consumers could be the victims of fraud when buying any goods or services through social media platforms.
Talking to private news channel, Advocate Farrukh Ilyas Cheema said as online shopping trend on rise in whole world including Pakistan, many scammers are using the latest technology to set up fake retailer websites that look like genuine online retail stores.
If you’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram right now, you’re probably seeing dozens of ads, but not all of them are safe to click on, he added.
According to Advocate Farrukh Ilyas, these Facebook and Inst gram pages attract people by posting sleek pictures of branded items and offer to sell them at reduced prices.
Some pages also sponsor these posts on Facebook. when people ordered the items as shown in the pictures and made the payment, they received a totally different item in their package via courier services, he said.
He advised social media users to report social media accounts if they think they are fake. Many online scampers are using fake accounts to extract money from people because we have a legal way to handle these fraud website owners.
He told that an online ad clicking work is totally illegal business and action in accordance with the law is being taken against those found involved in it.
He explained that the social media based store is very new and selling products at very low prices. The store may have limited information about delivery and other policies. Many brand and fashion companies specialize in design and most spend good money on perfecting the design of their site. They’re always going to want to have the best imagery of their products and it’s going to be shiny and fancy,” he added.

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