Pakistan’s bowler Shaheen Afridi to get engaged with Shahid Afridi’s daughter soon


LAHORE – Pakistan’s thrilling bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi and celebrated cricketer Shahid Afridi’s eldest daughter Aqsa Afridi to get engaged soon, confirmed former’s family on Saturday.

Ayaz Khan, the father of Shaheen Afridi, said that he had sent the proposal to Shahid Afridi’s family for his son and it has been accepted.

His statement comes after social media was flooded with reports that Shaheen Afridi and Aqsa Afridi have got engaged with people congratulating both families.

The new relationship will have two common things. One that the to-be-couple belongs to same tribe, Afridi, and second is that both are twenty years old.

Shaheeen Shah Afridi started his international cricket career in 2018 and he shot to fame in a short period with his skillful bowling.