Seven books launched at a literary event in Quetta


PAL lauded for promoting books written in Pakistani languages

Eminent scholars, intellectuals, writers and poets have lauded the efforts of Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) for making the Diamond Jubilee Year of Pakistan a memorable one.

They expressed these views while addressing the launching ceremony of seven books by the PAL in the provincial capital of Balochistan. These books have been written in Balochi, Brahui, Pushto, Hazara and Persian. The presidential panel at the launching ceremony comprised Naimatullah Gichki, Ayub Baloch and Muneer Ahmed Badini. Among the noted guests who attended the launching ceremony included Noor Khan Mohammad Hassani, Abdul Karim Baryalai and Dr Zeenat Sana.

The books include “Adbiyat Balochistan (Diamond Jubilee Number)” “Muntakhib Balochi Kahanian,” “Brahui Adab Ki Tareekh 1947-ta Haal,” “Muntakhib Brahui Kahanian,” “The Rising Stars,” and others. The ceremony was attended by a large number of Balochi writers, poets and intellectuals. Sarwar Javed, well-known writer of Balochi literature conducted the proceeding.

In his presidential address Naimatullah Gichki in his presidential address commended Chairman PAL Dr Yousuf Khushk for organizing an event which is unique in the sense that seven books have been launched simultaneously in one go. This gives me immense pleasure to see a national organization established for the promotion of literature and literary works is doing its job in a splendid way under the leadership of Dr Yousuf Khushk, he said. Our country can make progress by leaps and bounds if every head of every organization works like Chairman of the PAL, said Gichki. These books are useful not only for the readers of Balochi, Brahui and Pakistani languages, they can also prove quite helpful for the researchers and historians, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Ayub Baloch said it is literature that comforts people when society is over-politicized and it goes to the credit of Dr Yousuf Khushk for doing a commendable job of renewing links with books. He also lauded his efforts for promoting the Pakistani languages.

Recipient of the Kamal-e-Fun Award Muneer Badini who has more than 100 books to his credit also voiced his appreciation for the PAL’s projects for promotion of literary works written in the regional languages.

While speaking on the occasion, PAL Chairman Dr Khushk said it was possible to publish and launch the literary works in the Balochi and other Pakistani languages only because of the PAL team. Without their support and contribution the project would not have seen the light of the day, he said. It is the prime function of the PAL to promote and patronize works of literature in all the Pakistani languages as they are equally rich, important and dear to us.

He also briefed the audience about various projects undertaken by the PAL. We are also working on translation of different books written in Urdu and other Pakistani languages into English and other internationally accepted languages. In this way, our writers and their works will get international recognition. He also lauded the literary contributions in Balochi language and reiterated the PAL would keep supporting and promoting them.


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