Minor student beaten black and blue by teacher


A teacher of a government primary school in Narowal subjected his minor student studying in grade three to the worst kind of torture leaving the kid severely bruised, it emerged on Friday.

As per the details, teacher Saifullah of the Government Primary School, Narowal severely beat a 3rd grade student with a stick as a punishment for not memorizing his lesson. The beating was so harsh that the black and blue marks could be seen on the minor’s body.

The father of the child called upon the district and higher authorities to take notice of the teacher’s cruelty on his child.

It is pertinent to mention here that in February 2021, a landmark bill to ban corporal punishment in all educational and childcare settings in Islamabad was moved in the National Assembly and passed with cross-party support.

The Islamabad Capital Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill, 2021 was then sent to the Senate where it was cleared by the Standing Committee on Human Rights.

The bill was passed amid a number of high-profile cases of schoolchildren being badly beaten and even killed in schools, religious institutions and workplaces.

Though the ban on violence against children applied only in Islamabad, but campaigners hope rest of the country would follow suit.—INP


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