Servant beaten up, head shaved by landlord


Landlord and his accomplices shaved head, eyebrows, Mustache, cut a hand of his servant on leaving work against the will of landlord in village Shory Chathah near Hafizabad.

According to police FIR, four month ago Banyameen son of Akbar resident of village Jharianwala was received Rs. 460000/= for working as ‘Seery’ servant with landlord Aslam Hanjra resident of village Shory Chathah. A month ago, Binyameen was fled to leave work without returning advance amount of landlord.

On 25th April, accused Mushtaq resident of Dheengranwala, Aslam Hanjra, his sons Luqman, Usman, Arslan took back Binyameen to his village and accused were tortured him and cut his hand with ‘Toka’ (used for cutting green fodder) and later accused shaved his head, eyebrow and mustache.

The accused also kidnapped father of Binyameen Akbar and made hostage for taking labour forcibly at place of Binyameen. Police have registered a case against accused and arrested two accused.