Sensitizing global traders to raise voice for Kashmiries: FPCCI VP


Staff Reporter

Innocent and resilient Kashmiri brethren have spent 520 days under lockdown in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K). Despite the resolution passed by the UN Security Council in 1949, Indian Occupation Forces continued to destroy the peace in the valley. Despite UN’s support to Kashmir cause for their right to self-determination, 0.9 million occupational forces made it the biggest militarized zone of the world. Decades of atrocities and human rights violations have made Kashmiris’ lives a living hell. However, Kashmiris – being the bravest of all – with their high spirits and fearlessness have stood strong and would never back down from their right to self-determination, says Raja Muhammad Anwar, Vice President, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).
As the world has turned a blind eye towards the Indian brutalities, Pakistan is standing strong in solidarity with Kashmir. We have and we shall continue to raise our voices at the highest forum and shall never settle for anything less than the right to Kashmiri brothers’ right to self-determination, he added. According to a report, only from 1989 till 2018, over 94,000 Kashmiris were killed. 7,000 persons were killed in Indian custody, 22,000 women were widowed, 105,000 children were orphaned and 10,000 women were raped and molested by the Indian military and paramilitary troops. Over 8,000 people went missing in enforced disappearances by Indian forces during these years. How can the world leaders and the so called torchbearers of peace can stay silent on these violations carried out by Indian forces?
Pakistan has exposed India and its nefarious designs time and time again and soon, the world will realize and speak in unison, against the Indian brutalities and in favour of Kashmiri brethren. Pakistan has generated an international debate and we all are a part of this. Business community has voiced for the rights of Kashmiris on every platform and we shall take it to the global business fraternity. The UN sponsored plebiscite is actually the most peaceful solution and their basic right which India has been trying to usurp for decades, Raja Muhammad Anwar reiterated.
In addition to Indian tyranny in Kashmir, India also tried to isolate Pakistan on international fronts but it miserably failed.
India is afraid of all the voices raised against its brutalities in the region, Pakistan being the strongest voice for peace and rights of Kashmiris – have been a greatest threat to India. We won’t let this happen, we won’t let India silence any voice, we are determined to strengthen Pakistan in every sector. We are putting in our best for strengthening our country economically as well, making us stronger than ever. FPCCI always has and shall continue to play the pivotal role in bringing the Kashmir issue in international limelight with the help of global business fraternity, Vice President added.

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