Senators express displeasure over dealing with HEMP policy



Ijaz Kakakhel

Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology on Monday raised the matter of the National Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis Policy which was formulated and sent for approval by the then Prime Minister for consideration of the Federal Cabinet however the summary was retuned by the Cabinet Division for re-submission after the approval of new Federal Minister.

The Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology informed the committee that the Cabinet Division in its recent letter has returned the summary with the advice that it may be routed through Ministry of Narcotics Control, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of National Food Security and Research and Cabinet Division for further placement before the Cabinet, therefore subsequently comments of the respective ministries are awaited.

The committee strongly showed its displeasure over this and commented that HEMP POLICY is the “intellectual property” of Ministry of Science and Technology and it should not be theft. Narcotics Control may have the role of observation but the committee strongly recommended that this initiative is the brain child of MoST so it may be kept with the ministry. The committee also decided to take up the issue with the Prime Minister directly with the suggestions from this committee. Senator Afnan Ullah Khan commented that the role of Commerce Ministry is not satisfactory in other export fields but it claims to promote Hemp Policy. Senator Humayun added that Hemp is a commodity which is already having great markets.

The committee was also briefed on the matter of details of all employees working in National Institute of Electronics (NIE) on deputation, regular and contract basis, with names, CNICs; grade and province identification. Chairman Committee showed his displeasure over the non-appointment of the regular heads of the institutes and commented that the ministry is trying to run the buses without drivers. The chairman committee directed the ministry to brief regarding the status of appointments of regular heads of all the institutes and organizations working under this ministry.

The Chairman Committee directed to summon the authorities of the institutes and inquire on the filling of the respective post.

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