Senator Waleed delivers lecture on relevance of Iqbal’s philosophy to today’s society


IIUI holds seminar to mark Iqbal Day

International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) in connection with Iqbal Day organized a seminar on “ Relevance of Iqbal’s philosophy to today’s society” in which grandson of the poet ofeast Senator Waleed delivered a lecture at the new campus of the university on Wednesday.

Senator WaleedIqbal emphasized on the message of hope and future in the works of AllamaIqbal adding that the poet of east called forpolitical and economic freedom with an approach that nation shouldnot be dependent upon anyone rather the life of a nation must be like an eagle who lives a life of prestigious solitude.

Senator WaleedIqbal stressed upon the elements of creativity and out of the box solution in the light of the works of Iqbal urging the youth to interpret the essence of the approach of Iqbal. Disussing the uncertainty, investment loss and unrest in the society, he called upon the nation to adopt a whole nation approach to address the challenges. Mentioning the element of courage and struggle in the poetry of AllamaIqbal, Senator WaleedIqbal said that the era in whichIqbal wrote about hope and struggle was even worse than the one we are facing but he proved to be a beacon to adopt the hope and struggle to revive the legacy of Muslims. He also mentioned the works of Iqbaldiscussing the respect and research being done on his message in the rest of the world and acknowledged that it was always an honour to be a member of the family of a great poet and great philosopher.He opined that Iqbal was a staunch supporter of the identity of Muslims and he kept asking the nation to never lose confidence and they must believe in their past and theirselves to rise back.

On the occasion, Vice Presidents of IIUI Dr. N.B Jumani, Dr. Ahmed Shuja Syed, Dr. AyazAfsar and Dr. Samina Malik were present on the occasion . It was also attended by Deans, DGs, senior faculty members, Provosts, students advisors and a large number of national and international students.

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