Senate body reviews measure to rectify errors in single national syllabi


The Senate Standing Committee on Federal Education and Professional Training, in a meeting at Parliament House stressed the need for an honest and critical account of history.

Chairman Committee Senator IrfanSiddiqui, while discussing the Single National Curriculum asserted that in order to move ahead it was imperative that Pakistan builds a link with its past and ensures that the next generation has complete knowledge of the tribulation and strife that this Country has faced.

He stressed that this was the only way forward and the sole method that would develop national integration amongst students.

He added that it is a pity that all regimes – past and present failed to fulfil their duty in this regard.

Senator RukhsanaZuberi, Senator Dr. MehrTa-jRoghani, Senator FalakNaz, Senator FawziaAr-shad, Senator RanaMaqbool Ahmed, Senator MolviFaiz Muhammad, Senator Jam MahtabHus-sainDahar, Senator Mushtaq Ahmed, Senator Kam-ran Murtaza and Senior officers of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training and HEC attended the meeting. Parliamentary Secretary on Education Ms. WajihaQamar (MNA) was pre-sent as well.

The Committee reviewed the measures being taken by the National Curriculum Council (NCC) to rec-tify errors in the single national syllabi that is being designed to minimize disparity in the national edu-cation system.

The Committee was informed that the NCC had taken serious note of the observations made by the members and is in the process of en-gaging top notch publishing houses in a pub-lic/private initiative to give the Federal Government unlimited licence to quality textbooks that could be emulated by the provinces as well. NCC has part-nered with The Citizen’s Foundation, as well in this regard.

The Committee while lauding the efforts of the NCC and the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training was of the view that a Single National Curriculum will pave the way towards national integration and develop a link between the four provinces of Pakistan.

Senator RanaMaqbool Ahmed stressed the need for reviewing the working of textbook boards minutely and said that these are in a state of inertia that is revealed in the content produced. He asserted that Committee on Federal Education and Professional Training is an apt forum to ensure that the House is set in order.


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