Senate body discusses Barkhan murders, summons IGP, CS

Ijaz Kakakhel

The Senate Standing Committee for Interior discussed murders in Barkhan district of Balochistan on Monday. The members of the Senate body expressed their resentment over the absence of the Home Secretary and the I.G. Balochistan. The committee members decided to summon the Chief Secretary and the I.G. Police Balochistan to get briefing from them over cold-blooded murders in Barkhan.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmed said that several private jails exist in Balochistan with innocent people illegally imprisoned and detained. The chairman house committee summoned briefing from the chief secretary and the police chief in the next session of the senate body. Senator Kamil Ali Agha demanded registration of cases against those trying to save the culprits.

The alliance of Marri tribe including the family members of the victims had ended the sit-in, which was staged in the Red Zone of Quetta following the terrifying Barkhan murders. The chairman of Marri alliance Mehrdin Marri said that the provincial government did not cooperate with them and backed provincial minister Abdul Rehman Khetran.

He thanked the IG Balochistan for helping in recovery of the abducted members of the family. The levies personnel recovered abducted woman, Giran Naz, her four sons, and a daughter that were allegedly kept in the custody of Balochistan Minister Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran. Three bullet-riddled bodies of a woman and her two sons were recovered from a well by police in Barkhan. Police detailed that all three victims were killed in the firing, whereas the woman’s face was horribly distorted by pouring acid on it.