Seminar organised by career counseling, Job placement center at WUM


A training seminar was organized under the auspices of Career Counseling and Job Placement Center The Women’s University titled “How Human Memory Works and Why Students Forget in Exams” at Katchery campus.

The trainer of the seminar was Engr. Mohsin Bhatti (International Certified Mind and Memory trainer).

Addressing the seminar Mohsin Bhatti said that many people think that memory is a kind of storage where we save our memories. While others think of technology as more friendly and memory is more like a computer on which we store our learning, experiences and life experiences, so that we can access them when we need too. But the truth is that both the concepts are false.

We have no such memory as stored in our brains.This from a physical and biological point of view would be literally impossible.

He said that usually students take exams very seriously, as the exams are approaching, they forget everything and hardworking students even forget to eat and drink.

The importance of exams has its place but the happiness and joy of children is also important.

Therefore during parents should take special care of the physical and mental development of their children.

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