Self-examination can prevent breast cancer


A seminar on Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, Thursday was organized where Surgeon Dr. Ayesha Khan briefed the participants regarding the symptoms, preventive measures and treatment of breast cancer. Teachers and students of international schools participated in the seminar while the former principal and dean of Ayub Medical College, Dr. Aziz al-Nisa was also present.

On the occasion, Dr. Ayesha Khan informed the participants about the symptoms, safety and treatment of cancer and also emphasized doing self-examination from time to time for prevention. She said that every woman has some risk of developing breast cancer, but there are many other factors that can increase or decrease each individual’s breast cancer risk, If you are uncertain about your own risk of breast cancer, it can help to learn about the known risk factors and steps you can take to lower your risk as much as possible.

Dr. Aysha said there are a variety of factors that affect your breast cancer risk, some you can’t change, such as being a woman, growing older, and inheriting a gene mutation linked to breast cancer, you can change other risk factors such as being overweight, not exercising regularly, smoking cigarettes or eating unhealthy food by making healthier lifestyle choices.

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