Security gaurd performs surgery at Mayo Hospital

Staff Reporter

Right under the nose of Medical Superintendent (MS) Mayo hospital the security guard operated on the weak patient in the surgical tower of the hospital who is in critical condition.

According to the details, the first incident has come to light after the implementation of privatization of the hospital. Mayo Hospital guards operated on the frail patient in the surgical tower.

Waheed Butt, a guard at a private security company, operated on the 80-year-old woman. The patient has been admitted to the surgical tower as her condition went critical due to excessive bleeding.

On the evening of May 17, the patient was brought to the surgical emergency room for the treatment of an abscess on her back. The security guard performed the surgery on the patient himself in the minor operation theater.

The family members said that the wrong operation did not stop the bleeding but she was bandaged and sent home. For two days, the security guard kept bandaging at the patient’s home.

When the condition worsened due to non-stop bleeding, the truth came out when the patient was brought back to the hospital. The administration has handed over security official Waheed Butt to the police.


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