Security dialogue


INTERNATIONAL cooperation was the basic theme of the second edition of Islamabad Security Dialogue held in the capital city over the last two days.

Given the changes taking place in the world with acute contestation and great power competition, the theme was very relevant especially for a developing country like Pakistan.

Such forums which bridge the gap between academia and policymakers indeed generate ideas and provide the way forward, solutions and necessary inputs as to how to deal with the delicate and complex situations.

It is really important for Pakistan to move forward with the spirit of cooperation with all the countries whilst not repeating the past mistake of becoming part of any bloc.

Addressing the security dialogue, Prime Minister Imran Khan again emphasized the need for an independent foreign policy – the one that protects the interests of the country.

Indeed a sovereign country is the one which takes its decisions independently but most of the time it has also been seen that the powerful and developed countries use their influence on third world or developing countries to secure their own interests.

One fully agrees with the assertion of the Prime Minister regarding independent foreign policy but it will only remain a distant dream until and unless the country strengthens its economy to the level where its voice is also given weigh.

It is a matter of satisfaction that the national security policy unveiled by the government recently puts the economic security at core.

However, how this document is given the practical shape and implemented is really what matters, and for it we will have to ensure good governance.

Talking of economic security without striving for good governance and political stability is like putting the cart before the horse and thus, confusing the cause and effect.

This has been our dilemma for decades that we have not understood this phenomenon and have kept our priorities wrong.

The Prime Minister is very right in saying that the national security is multidimensional and is not confined to the military might alone.

Indeed inclusive growth and rule of law are important elements but in our view the most important single factor that can influence all types of security is education.

Many governments around the world have already equipped an entire generation of their students with the necessary knowledge and training to participate and dominate the professional fields that define the 21st century.

We also need to go beyond the cosmetic steps and make a genuine endeavour to equip the youth with the contemporary education and training to make an impact in every field and secure our interests.


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