Second MS, CEO conference held


The conference was attended by Health Secretary Ali Jan Khan, Health Secretary South Punjab, Special Secretaries Saleha Saeed and Dr Farrukh Naveed, Additional Secretary Technical Dr Asim Altaf, DG Health Services Dr Haroon Jahangir and MS and CEOs of all government hospitals in Punjab. During the meeting, all the CEOs presented the performance regarding medical facilities for the patients in the government hospitals of the respective districts. Provincial Minister Khawaja Salman Rafique said, “All CEOs and MS gentlemen are creating facilities for patients in their districts. Improvement in society always comes from unity, solidarity and organization. Government hospitals in Punjab are being visited regularly.

The main purpose of visiting government hospitals in Punjab is only to bring improvement and facilitate. Every officer sitting here is a leader. Trying to provide better healthcare facilities to 12 crore people of Punjab. We all have to work together to serve patients in government hospitals. Visited DHQ Hospital Kasur and tried to solve problems. MS are the guardians of better treatment of patients. CEO and MS gentlemen should implement every clause written in the contract. In government hospitals of Punjab, the patient gets the fruits of the work of MS in case of better treatment.

The situation is being assessed by visiting government hospitals in Punjab. All means are being used to control dengue in Punjab. Distressed patients respect a doctor.

The fruits of all the decisions made here should be given to the patients in government hospitals in the form of better treatment. The shortage of doctors in government hospitals of Punjab is being met on priority basis. A very tragic incident of fire took place in Children’s Hospital Lahore. MSs of all government hospitals in Punjab should ensure safety measures to prevent fire incidents.”

Health Secretary Ali Jan Khan said, “The performance of all CEOs and MSs is constantly being reviewed. Performance will be reviewed by visiting various government hospitals in Punjab. Every CEO and MS should create facilities for patients. All resources are being utilized to facilitate patients in government hospitals of Punjab.”


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