Second death anniversary of Zainab in Kasur Govt working on legal framework for child rights


A condolence ceremony on the eve of innocent Zainab’s second death anniversary was held at main Bazar Road Kot Kasur organized by father of Zainab Haji Mohammad Amin Ansari on Friday.
Federal Minister Asad Umer, Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Human Rights Lal Chand Malhi, HR&MA Minister Ijaz Alam Augustine, various religious and political leaders and other important figures belonging to civil society attended the condolence ceremony.
Haji Mohammad Amin during his address said that he would never forget the incident of little angel Zainab that how a wild beast hunted his innocent daughter two years ago but wanted to safeguard other innocent Zainabs in the country. He said that beast named Imran Ali was punished, but a fear still remained in the minds of our innocent children and to end that we all have to perform collective role.
Federal Minister Asad Umer during his address said that federal government desired to introduce a bill in Punjab Assembly also like Zainab Alert Bill and in this regard Punjab CM was also on board; hopefully a bill will be presented in the Punjab Assembly as soon as possible.
Provincial Minister Ijaz Alam Augustine said that incident of innocent Zainab was difficult to describe in words as a father could never forget a tragic incident but being a minister of human rights he assured that the PTI had taken all possible measures to protect our children and Punjab has enacted various laws for the protection of child rights in the province.
He said that already working to develop and strengthen Punjab’s legal framework to protect, improve and promote child rights but the government cannot do anything lonely, need fully support and collective effort of civil society to protect little angels from the wolves living in the society.
He further said that Punjab government with collaboration of all stakeholders was going to add topic human rights, especially the protection of our children as part of the curriculum so that children can be realized good touch or bad touch from the beginning. Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Human Rights said in his address that the National Assembly has passed the Zainab’s Alert Bill, which showed commitment of the government to secure the future and life of our children. He said in the tenure of PTI a seriousness showed by the incumbent government and especially Federal Minister for HR Sheerin Mazari again moved the bill and good thing was that bill was passed on the occasion of second death anniversary of innocent Zainab.
Other speakers also urged on civil that much needed proactive role of civil society to reach a destination of secure Pakistan for all.