SC verdict to help eliminate horse-trading: Firdous

Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan on Monday said that some political infants are busy celebrating the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s (SCP) verdict about the Senate election without knowing its connotation and implication.

“The opposition used to distribute sweets without reading the court decision in the past,” expressed Special Assistant to CM Dr. Firdous while addressing a press conference outside the Punjab Assembly here on Monday.

Dr. Firdous said that it is hoped that the SCP verdict will help overcome horse-trading in the Senate election.

She said the PM is fully committed to maintaining the sanctity of the upper house of the parliament and SCP has also directed the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to ensure this thing.

The SACM said that it is hoped that this transparent mechanism will gain public support while maintaining the sanctity and credibility of the parliamentary institutions.

She said that those claiming no long march after March 3 have to eat a humble pie as horse-trading would come to an end.

The SCP has put the ball in the court of ECP and now ECP is duty-bound to take necessary measures while media should educate the people about the institutional role of state institutions in a correct perspective, she said.

Dr. Firdous said the SCP has agreed with the proposal of PTI to rid the Senate election of corrupt practices because the transparent election is a beauty of democracy as independent institutions keep the democratic journey moving.

Now the ECP should discourage horse-trading and its credibility could be improved by using the technology, she said.

The Special Assistant inquired that if the opposition is not going to indulge in horse-trading then why they are opposing the transparency in the election.

The shenanigans of the PDM leadership show that their designs have been foiled because the opposition is useless for aspiring candidates having big money, she said.

The SACM said the government wants to play its constitutional role by facilitating the ECP. She said that difficult decisions have to be taken to strengthen democracy.

The government has played its role while the opposition is trying to hoodwink the people, she said.

Responding to a question about Maryam’s foreign visit for taking share in her father’s vast assets, Dr. Firdous said that Maryam Safdar should seek pardon from the nation for her continuous lies and she should bring her foreign assets back to Pakistan.

The Special Assistant said that many opposition parliamentarians often met with the Chief Minister but the PTI nominated its candidates from Punjab according to its share and if PTI targeted to purchase votes then horse-trading would not have ended in Punjab.

The CM and Speaker Punjab Assembly played an important role in this regard, she asserted.

Dr. Firdous advised the PDM to nominate its candidates if it has a required number of parliamentarians adding that the opposition should avoid winning the election from back doors.