SBCA relaxes approval process


The Sindh Building Control Authority has eased the process of applying for construction permits for all buildings by cutting out one step.

The SBCA director-general issued the order. It says that documents for NoCs for building plans do not have to be submitted to the SBCA additional director-general.

SBCA directors said this will reduce the time it takes to approve a plan. Normally, building approval plans take 30 days.

This will take it down to 25 days.In January, the SBCA, DG issued an order that all technical files for approvals of buildings plans would come to the DG via the additional director general for final approval. But this step has now been removed.

Earlier, you had to first apply to the SBCA assistant director of your town. Then you had to send your documents to the deputy director and director of the town.

After that, all technical files for the approval construction permits went to the additional director general before final approval was granted by the SBCA director general.

Now, buildings plan files will go to the director-general after they are reviewed by the town director.