Saving the grace ! | By Shafaq Khalid Rana


Saving the grace !

IT has been a while since I wrote but the fear in people, the fear of living, the fear of being ingested by coronavirus made me write this short piece.

We all have known pandemic – COVID-19 and how it has not only affected the year 2020 but it is certainly affecting year 2021.

People lost their businesses, their jobs, their home, their assets in the pursuit of this pandemic.

Year 2020 – was when the world got hit with this deadly virus and the year 2021 – when the world is trying to live with this virus and pursue their lives as they were doing it before 2020.

COVID-19 vaccine is finally available in Pakistan for the elders, people who are affected with corona virus and for the children.

The vaccine shot is being used in two phases; the first shot will be injected and it will start to work within 2 to 3 weeks and then the second shot will be injected in a time frame of 25 to 28 days.

However, there are many people of us who are reluctant to go to testify themselves and get the vaccine shots for their own betterment and others.

It is a fact that each of us must have exposed with corona virus but we are working as per usual and that is why because our antibodies are aligned with the symptoms coronavirus and to some extent, most of us are asymbiotic or carrier of this coronavirus but we don’t know yet.

The reason why most of us are not affected by this virus so far because our immunity levels are somehow at match with the coronavirus.

If one of us gets a bad cough or even a fever, it will probably trigger coronavirus symptoms within our bodies.

I have seen that the majority of the people are negating that they will not take shots as there is also a chance of activating the coronavirus with this shot.

Keeping in view the recent development occurred in Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, people have assumed that the Prime Minister has been affected with the vaccine shot however, it is not true.

It is absurd but to some people; they believe what they think is right. They think that taking vaccine shots would give them coronavirus.

Government of Pakistan is doing the best they can to keep the public safe from this virus; even that means implementing a smart lockdown or a full lockdown in Pakistan for the safety of the public.

But they have missed a big gap i.e., trust of people on account of this coronavirus vaccine.

I think, government must encourage the health workers or organizations who are assisting and guiding them to get maximum word out to the public to get their vaccine shots before coronavirus hits them.

Therefore, through this piece of writing, I would like to request to kindly take a serious note to this point that there are hundreds and thousands of people who think that this vaccine shot is going to get them coronavirus if they have not been infected yet.

It is wise to devise a strategy to tackle that part of the audience to fight this deadly coronavirus.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Lahore.