Saudi prince launches $100 million Tech House in Pakistan to deepen ties


ISLAMABAD – In another bid to strengthen the ties between the two Islamic nations, Prince Fahad bin Mansour Alsaud launched the Saudi-Pakistan Tech House in Islamabad.

The initiative dubbed as the great hallmark of Pakistan-Saudi digital collaboration excellence aimed to forge partnerships with information technology (IT) companies and enterprises in the South Asian nation.

Prince Fahad bin Mansour Alsaud, is the co-founder of tech giant ILSA Interactive which created more than a decade back by a Pakistani entrepreneur. It woos IT giants, educational institutions, and major enterprises in Pakistan to create over 1000 jobs and undertake 300 projects valued at $100 million in friendly countries.

Earlier this year, Saudi Prince revealed his plans to form a tech house during Future Fest, the country’s largest tech conference.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Prince Fahad bin Mansour, a thought leader in entrepreneurship and start-up policy shaping, called it honor to launch Saudi Pakistan Tech House. He coined the $ 100 million tech house as a catalyst to provide a platform for greater collaboration and growth.

The venture was a new dimension for greater cooperation and strengthening the longstanding strategic relationship between Islamabad and Riyadh, he said, adding confidence in Pakistan’s workforce and startups to form partnerships that would prove to be a game-changer for future ties.

Prince Fahad, who is the President of the Saudi G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA), said Riyadh planned to have more initiatives in every region, under Vision 2030, in light of the vision of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

Saudi envoy to Pakistan Nawaf Bin Said Al Malki also attended the event, saying he is pleased to participate in the ceremony of Saudi-Pakistan Tech House.

Several government officials also attended the event. Prime Minister’s aide on Youth Affairs Shaza Fatima Khawaja commended Saudi Arabia’s leadership in modernizing the Kingdom.