Sarwar for ‘Governors Conference’ of Islamic countries over Kashmir, Palestine issues


Amraiz Khan

Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar has decided to organize “Governors Conference” of Islamic countries regarding the issues of Kashmir and Palestine occupation, promotion of trade between Muslim countries and strengthening of ties and other issues. Governor of Konya Turkish Province Cuneyit Orhan TOPARK appreciated the step of Ch Muhammad Sarwar for summoning a conference and assured his full support in this regard in a meeting with Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar.
Expressing his views at the occasion Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad said that the unity of Muslim Ummah is need of the hour. We are grateful to Turkish President Tayyab Erdogan and Mahatir Muhammad for echoing their voices against Indian atrocities and for resolving Kashmir issue at General Assembly’s 74th session.
According to details Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar met with Cuneyit Orhan TOPARK Governor of Turkish province Konya, Secretary General Konya Metropolitan Municipal Authority MR Ercan Uslo , Chairman CCI Konya MR Abdussettar Yarar , Director of Tourism and Culture Memis Kutukuc , Businessman Mustafa Ar, Executive Assistant Konya Adam Akus and other investors at Governor House this Thursday.
Bilateral relations of Pakistan and Turkey, Kashmir Issue, Regional situation, promotion of trade between both countries and other issues were deliberated at the meeting. Later Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar accompanied Governor of Konya Cuneyit Orhan TOPARK on a visit to Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President of LCCU Irfan Iqbal Shiekh and other office holders welcomed both Governors and held a meeting for 2 hours over the issues of trade between Turkey and Pakistan.
Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar while speaking at the occasion and addressing the media representatives said that with comparison to the friendly ties between Turkey and Pakistan, the trade between both countries has been very less but now traders and investors of both countries are connecting with each other and consequently both countries will come more closer in term of trade.
Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar mentioned the fact that without business no country can progress, whenever I talk about business i refer towards the well being of people because business runs the economic cycle of life and provides people with employments.

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