Sanaullah predicts Sharifs’ return Says ‘fake’ case against him is worst example of political revenge


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Punjab President Rana Sanaullah Khan has said that Maryam Nawaz Sharif wants to visit abroad for inquiring about the health of her father and she will return after six weeks.
Rana Sanaullah said that PML-N President Shehabz Sharif will return to Pakistan soon and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif will return after improvement in his health and he will lead party and his narrative in the country. Rana Sanaullah said that Maryam Nawaz was the office-bearer of party and was with the party and whenever need will arise she will come practically in the field.
Addressing a press conference along with PML-N Punjab Secretary Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari, Information Secretary Uzma Zahid Bukhari and other party leaders, Rana Sanaullah Khan said that the PML-N did not quit the narrative of give respect to vote, adding that we were stick to civilian supremacy and give respect to vote and Nawaz Sharif was standing on this thing and his party was also standing on this thing.
He said that now thousands of youth were demanding to give respect to vote on social media, adding that when the vote itself will demand respect then civilian supremacy will be established. He said that it was the respect of the vote that the decision of the people should be accepted and decision of the people should not be diverted.
Rana Sanaullah said that we did not ask people to only vote for PML-N but we say that the decision of the public should be respected. He said that during the provincial party meeting formally the confidence in the party leadership has been expressed through a resolution.
He said that bringing in-house change was the easiest in 72 years history of the country as government enjoyed only majority of five votes and there are three votes on one place, four on second place, seven in third place and nine on fourth place.
He said that brining in-house change was very easy against the current government but in-house change should come for election.
He said that consensus prime minister come and then electoral reforms should be carried out as without the electoral reforms election will not acceptable to anyone.
He said if country has to move forward and problems of people are resolved then the only solution is to send the current government packing and people should be given opportunity to give their mandate again.
He said that Nawaz Sharif was ill. Rana Sanaullah said that Maryam NawazSharif is very much concerned about the health of Nawaz Sharif, adding that no one has asked Maryam Nawaz to remain silent.
Rana Sanullah said that fake case against him was the worst example of political revenge. He said that no allegations were proved against him. “Fake case was registered against me and all allegations turned out to be false. I want to thank media for supporting truth,” he said.
Criticizing PTI, he said that present government has no policy whatsoever. “The government has no policy to tackle unemployment, inflation and poverty. They are only following the policy of revenge,” he said.