Salute nation for not paying heed to Niazi’s sit-in: Hamza


Vows to introduce strict laws against kite flying

Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz has saluted the nation for not paying heed to Imran Niazi’s sit-in, adding the nation would also ignore him in future. Bloodshed won’t be allowed and Imran should think twice before finalising the plan for a second sit-in.

If they are required to be sent to gallows for maintaining peace and law and order, the same would be done because conspiracies are hatched and they would be sent to prison if any conspiracy is hatched against the country.

While talking to the media after a medical college visit in Gujranwala, the CM said Imran Niazi’s government is responsible for load shedding and price-hike while what was done in the name of tea boys in the foreign funding case? Farah Gogi set examples of corruption. The Imran Niazi government took loans equivalent to 80 percent of the total debt taken in the past 72 years, he remarked.

The nation would hold Imran Khan responsible for record debt.

What sort of politics was being done by those who claim about Balkanization of the country and the nation has recognised those using such kind of language to satiate their inflated egos, he added. Imran Niazi, even, estranged friendly countries and hurling accusations at the EU in meetings is no politics, he remarked.

The staff of the Turkish company was arrested and machinery was confiscated to estrange them.

It was stated at the outset that corruption was done in CPEC to estrange China and Imran Niazi has created hurdles which would require time to remove, he said. The nation has recognised the real face of Imran Khan, he added.

The CM said that a political long march may be held but anarchy is contained in it as police have been martyred. You were even unable to console the heirs; he said and added that Muhammad Ashraf’s case would be made an example because mob justice can’t be allowed.

Those responsible would be taken to task and action would be taken against those who showed negligence. I have met with the bereaved family; he said and maintained that the occurrence of such incidents is a matter of concern for all of us.

We should promote the norms of tolerance in society, he stated.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz on Thursday visited the house of bereaved family of boy who died after a kite string slits his throat in Lahore and called for strict laws against kite flying in Punjab.

CM Hamza Shehbaz extended heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the parents and other family members of the late Mubeen Kashif.

Talking to media persons during his visit, he vowed to introduce legislation in order to prohibit kite flying and protect lives of the people.

He said that the government needs to make and implement strict laws against kite flying. People caught flying kites with sharp strings would be penalised accordingly, he added.

Talking about the rapid increase in inflation Hamza Shehbaz said that they are doing their best to provide cheap flour to people. People would soon be provided with relief, he added.