Sale of animals’ decorative items witnessing rise in federal capital


The sale of animal decorative items and ornaments are witnessing a rise in federal capital as Eid ul Azha is around the corner.

The sacrificial animals are being found everywhere now as the festival is drawing near. The children are competing to decorate their sacrificial animals with anklets and garlands made of colourful items enhancing its charm and beauty.

Decorating the sacrificial animals with different ornamental items is a popular trend amongst the people, especially youth since long.

Traditional decorative items stalls were set up in different markets and roadsides in federal capital to attract the people.

The prices of anklets, bells and facial ornaments were ranges between Rs 200 to Rs 500.

The stall owner at G-7 market said that the demand for the animal ornaments have increased as the religious festival approaching fast.

He said that there was high demand for colourful garlands, crown and “payals” for cow. “Youngsters particularly children are more interested in buying decorative items as they want to adorn their sacrificial animals with the ornaments.

Muhammad Tahir a resident said that there was popular demand of the children to buy decorative items for sacrificial animals.

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