NHA committed to provide better services to travelers


National Highway Authority’s Member Planning Asim Amin held E-Kachehri at head office of the Authority through NHA official Facebook Page and answered to the questions raised by the people all over the country.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Asim Amin said, we are committed to provide better services to the travelers on motorways and national highways throughout the country and to further improve the performance of the organization. He also asked the concerned Members of NHA to resolve the issues identified by people regarding construction activity of NHA. He assured to contact other agencies affiliated to NHA for redressal of legitimate grievances of the complainants. Referring to some of the roads, Asim Amin said that the same are under the jurisdiction of the provincial governments, therefore the concerned agencies of the provincial governments should be contacted with regard to these roads. He said, that highways are our national asset, whose protection and maintenance is our first responsibility, therefore overloading should be avoided for comfortable travelling on NHA network. Responding to questions from people across the country, he said that work was underway on all packages of Chitral-Shandur project, while Jamshoro-Larkana highway was being dualised.

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