Salaries of PWD workers to be paid thru SAP system

Observer Report

Director Budget and Accounts Amjad Ali Gul called on Controller General of Accounts Mr. Farrukh Ahmed Hamidi in the presence of Additional Secre-tary Housing and Works Chaudhry Zahoor Ahmed and Secretary General CBA Union Saifullah Alvi gave technical briefing.

While Director General Pak PWD Ikram-ul-Haq could not attend due to official engagements.

After the full briefing, the Controller General issued the payroll after which the salaries of all the em-ployees of Pak PWD would be paid through SAP system.

On this occasion, the officers of Pak PWD and CBA Union, DBA officers and a significant number of workers are present. After the issuance of Pay Roll, there was happiness in the entire department and congratulations were given to each other.

With the issuance of payroll on SAP system, timely payment of salaries to the employees has been en-sured. This system will be linked to AGPR soon.

The Pak PWD Great Workers Union CBA played an important role in installing this system and worked day and night to bring this work to exis-tence.

The officials of the Ministry of Housing and Works, Pak PWD and the Directorate of Budget and Accounts worked hard and cooperated, for which the CBA Union is grateful.

Whether it is the instal-lation of PAK PWD SAP system or upgrading and PM assistance package or other issues, it is a his-toric achievement of the union which even its oppo-nents acknowledge that history has been recorded in this department.

Never before have so many historic works been done and will not be done. The present CBA has worked day and night to solve the prob-lems and by the grace of Allah has achieved suc-cess.

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