Saindak, PIA sign MoU to step up coop

Staff Reporter

Saindak project and PIA has signed a MoU to step up cooperation, Gwadar Pro reported on Friday.

MRDL, which has constructed and operated Saindak Project, signed the MoU. Routine transport service, emergency flights, freight transport, several respects were included in the agreement.

“On the eve of the 70th anniversary of China-Pakistan diplomatic ties, signing the MoU is a sure signal that the two sides will carry out a more comprehensive and deeper cooperation in information sharing, social influence enhancement, and trade,” a spokesman of MRDL said.

“As a Chinese enterprise, we’re working on deepening Pak-Chin economic cooperation and industrial development,” he added.

Regarding the MoU with a basis of cooperation for a few decades, PIA will fully support the construction of Saindak Project.

PIA will provide MRDL with an uninterrupted flight plan, emergency special flights, and freight transport service.

Besides, PIA will also use its aerial publicity media to increase public understanding of China’s mining technology and the Saindak project.

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