Safety measures for prevention of Covid-19 at hot spot areas

City Reporter

Punjab Government has directed the administration of Rawalpindi district to take all possible safety measures for prevention and control of COVID-19 particularly in 15 hotspot areas of the district.

According to a district administration spokesman, 15 hotspot areas of the district including Sadiqabad, Street No. 27, Allama Iqbal Colony, CB 1231, near Qasar-e-Abu Talib, Azizabad, Dhoke Paracha, Sadiqabad, Street No.02, to 07, Dhoke Chaudharian, Afshan Colony, Misrial Road, Gulraiz Housing Scheme, Phase-5, Lalazar, Tulsa Road, Street No. 24, 36 & 39, Muhallah Amirpura, Bahria Town, Phase-8 (All), Satellite Town, Block-A, Khayaban-e-Sir Syed, Sector 2 and 4 of Rawalpindi, Lehtrar area of Kotli Sattian and Lalarukh, an area of Taxila to remain under restrictions to ensure public health and protect lives of the citizens.

He informed that on the orders issued by Secretary, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, Punjab, there would be ‘controlled entry and exit’ in the hotspot areas of COVID-19 till March 23.

All the markets, shopping malls, restaurants, offices (public and private) would remain closed in these areas, he said.

There would be a complete ban on movement of people to and from these areas by public and private transport except for limited movement of one person per vehicle to and from the exempted facilities.

There would also be a complete ban on gatherings of all kinds of social, religious, or any other purpose at any place, public or private throughout these areas.

Grocery stores, general/karyana stores, atta chakkis, fruit and vegetable shops, tandoors and petrol pumps would be exempted and allowed to remain open during 9 am to 7 pm, seven days a week, he informed.

All medical services and pharmacies/medical stores, laboratories and collection points, hospitals, clinics and bakeries would also be allowed to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Milk shops, chicken and meat/fish shops would remain opened during 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week.

Deputy Commissioner (DC), Rawalpindi Captain (r) Anwar-ul-Haq had issued notification of ‘smart lockdown’ at four hotspot areas of coronavirus on Saturday, March 13 including Sadiqabad, street 4; Allama Iqbal Colony, street 27; Azizabad CB 1231, Near Qasar-e-Abu Talib and Dhok Paracha.

According to the DC, Rawalpindi, Captain (r) Anwar-ul-Haq, the smart lockdown in four areas would continue till March 28. He said all markets and shops would be closed down at 6:00 pm from Monday, March 15.

“Last time, we got good response of ‘smart lockdown’ and coronavirus cases came down in the areas where smart lockdown was imposed,” he said.

He appealed people to cooperate with the district administration and advised the citizens to wear face mask to avoid coronavirus.

He had warned imposition of smart lockdown in several other areas of Rawalpindi in coming days.

The administration with the help of police installed barricades and barbed wires in these localities. All business activities had been closed in these localities on Saturday.

According to local administration, police had taken charge of the areas to ensure the safety and security of the public.

All markets, private and government offices had been closed down in these areas. All milk shops, meat, fish, and chicken shops in lockdown areas would remain open.

The unnecessary movement had been banned while the government and private people could move with the permission of their departments.

After the notification of the lockdown, police had blocked all entry and exit points of these localities with barbed wires.

The local administration along with police was making announcements through loudspeakers insisting public to stay at homes otherwise strict action would be taken against them.

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