Sacrifices never go waste: Ansar


Punjab Labour Minister Ansar Majeed Khan, while paying tributes to the captain and jawan of Pak Army who embraced martyrdom in the firing by terrorists in Waziristan, said that Pakistan has lost precious lives in the war against terrorism.
In a statement, he said that every jawan of the Pak Army took enemy’s bullets from the front.
The minister further stated that the sacrifices of the soldiers of Pakistan Army and concerned agencies rendered for the solidarity and integrity of the country will not go waste. Nefarious designs of terrorists will never be succeeded in Pakistan.
Modi’s atrocities will never turn Kashmiri people into Indian. He said that in the current situation, Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking decisions for the betterment of the people of Pakistan.
He said that the former rulers focused only to construct roads and bridges and indebted the future generations of Pakistan.
PTI government will fulfill all promises.
Special attention is being paid to uplifting the living standards of the people of South Punjab by ensuring basic necessities of life to them.