Russia hints at cutting gas supply to Germany if West goes ahead with oil ban


Russia has expressed the possibility of cutting the gas supply to Germany if the West and its allies go ahead with the oil embargo.

In a statement the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Tuesday that putting sanctions on Russian oil would be catastrophic for the world market, causing a spike in the price up to $300 a barrel.

Novak said, “Europe consumes 500 billion cubic meters of gas per year, and Russia provides 40% of that.”

“Russia has been nothing but a reliable partner for many decades.”

While mentioning Russian reservations on the oil embargo, Novak said, “in the wake of the baseless accusations on Russia, we are fully entitled to take a mirror decision and place an embargo on gas via Nord Stream 1, which is working at 100% capacity right now.”

The Deputy Prime Minister, however, said that they had not taken any decision yet, because it would have no winners.

But, the Western politicians continue to push us towards such a course of action with their actions and accusations against Russia.

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