Russia believes in worldwide cooperation; feels unhappy over destabilising American moves


Salahuddin Haider

TO celebrate the Diplomats Day, a very meaningful and purposeful factor in stabilizing international affairs, the Russian consul general Aleksandr G Khozin held a memorable in Karachi, feeling happy at growing ties with Pakistan, and foreign policy coordination with China as significant stabilizing factor in world affairs.
While the United Nations this year is having its 75th year of foundation, and every effort is being made to strengthen international goodwill, the world, according to Russian foreign minister Lavrov, continues to be in turmoil. Aggressive policies of certain western countries and ‘our American colleagues in particular is aimed at demolishing the security architecture, flowing from International law, substituted by a world order, based on rules, they created themselves, has remained the key destabilising factor.
‘The list includes Washington’s dismantling of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, rolling up prospects of extending the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, artificial heightening of tensions in Persian Gulf region, attempts to overhaul universally accepted basics of Middle Eastern settlements, ramping up of NATO’s military activity along Russian borders as well as advancing a policy of privatising multilateral mechanisms overseeing non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction’
The deficit of trust in international affairs and trade is aggravated with such methods of unfair competition as unilateral sanctions, protectionism, trade wars. Attempts to hinder realization of the North Stream 2 project spite of the opinion of the leading European countries are among the latest outrageous examples, he said. Another example of international law violation, Khozin went on, is denying a number of nations the right to attend official events at United Nations. Washigton has abused privileges as a UN Headquarter host nation.
New rules? He wondered. Khozin said Russia was open to cooperation with US, EU, and the West as a whole but based on equitable and mutually respectful dialogue other than ultimatums. He added that priorities of Russian diplomacy include the consolidation of neighbourly relations along the entire perimeter of our borders, and promotion of idea of broad Eurasian integration, with the participation of Asian and European countries. We are productively working in key global organisations, including the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). Russia welcomes Pakistan joining the SCO in 2017 as full-fledged member which opens way to consolidating the efforts of our countries combat terrorism and drug trafficking.
Russian diplomats work hard in making intra-regional cooperation active and perspective. The Russian consulate general gives the Pakistani side every support in successful establishment of contacts and cooperation with Russian partners for the good of mutually beneficial Russian-Pakistani relations, he remarked. The function was well attended. Among the consuls generals were of Germany, France, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, other prominent guests included Byram Avari,Zia Ispahani Jam Karam Ali, his two sons, including Jam farooq Ali, Dr Masooma Hasan , Chairperson of Pakistan Institute of International Affairs. It was a lovely evening, and Khozin and his lovely wife Valentina Kuznetsova took great pains in looking after those invited.


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