Rural women’s contributions not adequately acknowledged


Rural women working in agricultural fields are the largest contributors to the informal economy in Pakistan, but they are not acknowledged, counted and protected.

These women have same rights as working women in cities but in remote areas there is no recognition of their contribution and rights.

These thoughts were expressed by Kashmala Tariq, Federal Ombudsperson for Protection Against Harassment at the national launch of study on women agricultural workers rights organized by Awaz-CDS Pakistan.

She also said that there is a strong need to implement laws already in place for women agricultural workers’ rights as they often earn less than men and are deprived of basic rights and protection. She stressed on the need of creating awareness among Women Agricultural Workers (WAWs) through mass media and effective role of local governments in addressing these issues.

The study titled “ The Hands That Feed Us: Struggles of Women Agricultural Workers in Pakistan” was conducted by AwazCDS-Pakistan in collaboration with Forum Asia and Bread for the World in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic.

Chief Executive AwazCDS-Pakistan Zia-ur-Rehman highlighted in his address that women agricultural workers (WAWs) often earn less than 50 percent of men wages. WAWs traditionally face malnutrition, discrimination, violence, and ill-treatment by their partners, including exploitation.