Rupee registers back-to-back losses against US dollar

rupee us dollar

Looming political tension and debt crisis leave the Pakistani rupee dwindling for the seventh consecutive day against the US dollar on Monday.

Today, the interbank market saw the rupee extending losses by 33 paisas to drop to Rs223.50 during trading at the beginning of the week.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the US dollar closed the week trading at a value of Rs223.17.

Whereas, on Thursday afternoon too, the Pakistani rupee had closed at a lower rate of Rs222.67 after having lost around 26 paisas from the day before.

Friday had put an end to the not so good winning streak of rupee against the greenback and since then, it has lost around Rs2.08 in the interbank market.

As of Friday, the open currency market displayed the value of rupee falling to Rs229.50.

However, the rate to buy the US dollar remained at Rs227.25. INP


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