Rs 78,544.13m disbursed for water sector projects so far


The government has disbursed a sum of Rs 78,544.13 million, out of total allocation of Rs 102,472.69 million for various water sector projects under Annual Public Sector Development Programme for year 2021-22 so far.

According to Planning Commission data, out of disbursed amount, local component stood at Rs 64,198.88 million while Rs 14,354.24 million received as foreign aid component so far.

A sum of Rs 15,500 million has been specified for Dam Part of Diamer Basha Dam Project, Rs 7,000 million for Land Acquisition and Re-settlement of Diamer Basha Dam Project, Rs 5,000 million for Nai Gaj Dam (Dadu), Rs 5,507 million for Mohmand Dam, Rs 3,000 million each for Kurram Tangi.—APP