RPO holds ‘Khuli Kutcheries’ under Punjab Govt’s open door policy

Staff Reporter

Regional Police Officer (RPO) Rawalpindi, Imran Ahmar under Punjab government’s open door policy is holding ‘Khuli Kutcheries’ in his office on daily basis to address grievances of the citizens of the four districts of the region.

RPO Imran Ahmar said that the ‘Khuli Kutcheries’ are being held to provide the citizens immediate relief and address their complaints besides it also helps improve standards of policing.

He said, all available resources were being utilized to resolve complaints of the residents of the four districts of the region.

According to a police spokesman, nearly 1375 applications were submitted during August and 1171 complainants were provided relief. The percentage of the applications which were addressed during last month remained 85%.

He informed that the RPO listened complaints of the visitors who attended the ‘Khuli Kutcheries’ and issued directives to the officers concerned of four districts of the region for speedy action.

Police officers were also instructed to submit detail report on the complaints submitted by the citizens in ‘Khuli Kutcheries’.

On the applications, the RPO issued orders to the officers concerned to complete inquiries and send reports within given time frame.

The spokesman informed that on the directives of the RPO, police were making hectic efforts and trying to ensure that the criminals could be sent behind the bars.

Meanwhile, Rawalpindi Police in a crackdown against illegal weapons, drugs and bootleggers rounded up five persons from different areas and recovered 160 grams charras, 10 liters liquor, two 30 bore pistols and ammunition from their possession.

The police spokesman on Sunday informed that Westridge police held Salahuddin and recovered 160 grams charras.

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