Roof of computer lab collapses at KU


Fortunately, no loss of life or any injury was reported as the roof of the Department of Library and Information Science’s computer laboratory collapsed.

According to the students and teachers of the department, three split air conditioners and more than 24 computers and other equipment had been smashed.

They said no casualties were reported because the incident took place at night when nobody was present in the lab.

Farhat Hussain, Incharge of the Department of Library and Information Science, said no letter for was written to any department regarding the condition of the roof because they had no idea that the roof of the building could collapse

However, Associate Professor of Applied Chemistry, Dr Riaz Ahmed, earlier this month pointed out that an incident could take place. Writing an application to the administration, he drew the attention of the concerned department that the dilapidated roofs of several departments could result in a sudden incident.

He wrote that the entire roof of the Applied Chemistry Department was leaking in the recent torrential rains. The plaster had been broken and debris keeps falling from the roof on a daily basis.
There is a fear that one day the roof of the barracks would suddenly collapse.

On the other hand, a teacher of the varsity said the roof of the computer lab which was supposed to be repaired last year, but the contractor just put around 4,000 bricks, 25 sacks of cement, and two dumpers of the concert on the computer lab’s roof because of which the incident took place.

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