Robbers loot Rs7.2m from Korangi bank


A gang of six robbers looted Rs7.2 million from a branch of a microfinance bank in the Korangi No. 3 locality, an official of the Awami Colony police station said.

Police said the gang arrived on three motorbikes at around 2:30 pm, adding that while entering the bank, they snatched the weapon of one of the security guards and held him hostage at gunpoint.

Following that, they held another security guard and all the bank staff hostage at gunpoint, then looted Rs7.2 million from the branch, added the police.

SHO Farooq Sanjrani said the robbers also tried to take the DVR system with them as they fled but failed to do so, adding that the police have obtained the CCTV camera footage of the incident to help them trace and arrest the suspects.

The officer said the robbers were wearing shalwar kameez, their faces were covered with masks and they were talking to each other in the Pashto language. He said the suspects completed their entire operation within 15 minutes, adding that they also took the weapons of the security guards with them.

The SHO said the robbers were aware of the bank’s activities and the amount of cash there, hinting at the possibility of an insider’s involvement in the case.

Police investigators are also questioning the bank staff and both the security guards, while they are also gathering the call detail record to help with the investigation of the case, added the SHO.

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