Roadmap for Meta’s upcoming AR/VR devices


According to The Verge, Meta plans to release its first pair of smart glasses with a display that pair with a smartwatch that uses a neural interface to control them in 2025.

The business plans to release its first pair of fully functional AR glasses in 2027, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes they may eventually become as commonplace as cell phones.

The details were made public at a presentation on the roadmap for Meta’s AR and VR activities, which was shared with The Verge and attended by hundreds of employees in the company’s Reality Labs division. Combined, they showed how Meta still plans to invest in consumer hardware despite a series of setbacks and broader cost-cutting initiatives across the corporation.

The VR plan was explained to staff members, who were also informed that Meta’s flagship Quest 3 headset, which will come later this year, will cost $200 more than the Quest 2’s $400 price tag.

It will prominently feature mixed reality experiences, like the recently introduced Quest Pro, that don’t fully immerse the wearer and have front-facing cameras that transmit video of the real world.