RMC better than other corporations in terms of ADP, development projects

Staff Reporter

The Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation is better than other metropolitan in the province in terms of volume of its Annual Development Program (ADP) and number of development projects and this has been possible due to the increase in revenue while working in line with the government’s vision of good governance.

For the financial year 21-2020, Rs. 2956 million will be allocated for ADP and out of this huge amount, 389 development projects and schemes will be worked on.

This was revealed by an analysis conducted by the Directorate of Public Relations, Rawalpindi.

The analysis was based on data provided by the Local Government and Community Development Department, and the Finance and Budget Wing of the Metropolitan Corporation Rawalpindi.

All the metropolitan corporations in Punjab province are divided into three sections in terms of population and the Rawalpindi metropolitan corporation is included in Category B along with the metropolitan corporations of Faisalabad and Gujranwala which have a population of up to 20 million.

The budget allocated by Faisalabad Metropolitan Corporation and Gujranwala Metropolitan Corporation for development schemes is Rs. 808 million and Rs. 490 million respectively, which is much less than that of Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation.

The largest metropolitan corporation of Punjab is Lahore which is in the category of more than one crore population with a budget of Rs. 1361 million for development works and it is also less than the Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation.

According to the analysis of Directorate of Public Relations Rawalpindi, apart from development projects and schemes, Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation has planned three commercial parking plazas worth Rs. 4 billion under public-private partnership which will be constructed on the premises owned by Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation.

Commercial shops, hotels and cinemas will also be set up in these state-of-the-art commercial parking plazas.

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