Right move by PM


TALKING to the media persons in Rawalpindi on Monday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that those living below the poverty line but not registered with Benazir Income Support Programme will also get free flour and in this regard a system has been developed by NADRA and Punjab Information Technology Board to ensure provision of this flour to the needy persons.

Indeed the data of BISP is not complete as recent floods as well as the record inflation which is hovering over forty percent has pushed many people below the poverty line and they are finding it difficult to make ends meet. In this backdrop, the very decision by the PM really shows his concern for the poor lot and we really appreciate and welcome it, and this process of further streamlining the scheme must continue.  It is the first time that an essential commodity is being provided to the deserving families free of cost and there is wider recognition of this scheme at the grassroots level. However, it has been observed that those visiting the flour distribution centres are asked different questions such as if they possess any transport or property. Certainly this is being done to ensure transparency and that the free flour only reaches the deserving families but it must also not be forgotten that the recent price hike has hit all the people. Even the low middle income people who might own a property are finding it difficult to cope with the current situation. Hence, we will suggest that anybody visiting the distribution centres and standing in the queues should not be returned empty handed. Rather the matter should be left at the conscience of the people who must also realize that this flour is only for those who cannot afford purchasing the commodity. Then the flour should also be provided to the deserving families keeping in view their size. We will also ask well offs to come forward in a big manner and extend a helping hand to the have-nots, at least during this holy month of Ramadan.