Rice travelling seminars raising awareness about rice research


Staff Reporter


Chairman, Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan along with Dr. Muhammad Ghulam Ali, Member PSD paid a visit to National Sugarcane and Tropical Horticulture Research Institute in Thatta.
Dr. Azeem Khan while addressing the participants of rice travelling seminar said that the government is taking effective measures for standardization and enhancement of rice productivity.
In this respect PARC and its travelling seminars on rice are engaging the agricultural scientists and experts to inform farming communities about the importance of rice crop, and ways in which farmers can boost their rice productivity with the aim to get maximum output of rice crop, ultimately leading to successful rice export.
The Chairman also added that Rice is a crop of utmost importance in the national country which has the potential to meet the food needs of the people as well as earn foreign exchange.
Dr. Ataullah Khan, Director General PARC-SARC Karachi spoke on rice borne diseases, pest management, improved pesticide practices in rice crop, rice harvesting and rice exports as well as rice travel seminar.