Revolutionary poet Habib Jalib remembered on 29th death anniversary


The revolutionary poet Habib Jalib was remembered on his 29th death anniversary.

Jalib gave the shape of verses to what he felt and saw. He raised the word of truth before the dictator and cruel rulers of his time. Whatever Habib Jalib wrote with his courageous pen on cruelty and injustice became popular among the people.

His simple and attractive style touched the hearts of people and he remained loyal to his progressive school of thought despite being jailed for several times but also remained resilient when it comes to his poetry.

Habib Jalib was born on March 24, 1928 in Hoshiarpur of Indian Punjab. Jalib was entitled as the poet of the people by his followers.

He migrated to Pakistan after the partition and worked with a newspaper as a proofreader.

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