Retailers, wholesalers witness boost in sale of dates during Ramzan


The business of imported and locally produced dates have witnessed boom during Ramzan elswhere in the country including capital city where the dates become the most preferable choice of fasting people during Iftar.

A large number of hordes and retailers with different varieties of dates can be seen during the month of Ramzan whereas good-quality dates in fancy packing are stashed in the wooden boxes.

According to citizens, dates has its own cultural significance but it has also been proved scientifically that dates are the best way to break the day long fast.

Dates are rich source of carbohydrates, fiber & natural sugar which provide instantaneous energy boost, despite the change in meal patterns, said a citizen while speaking to a private news channel.

Dates are always popular food item in Iftar, not just in the Pakistan but all over the world, said a retailer.

During Ramzan every person even low-income households are willing to spend on this “rich man’s delicacy” for their Iftar meals, said a roadside vendor.

Every year during the holy month of Ramzan, sales of several varieties of dates have picked pace in the wholesale and retail market, said a citizen.

People were seen buying dates from the wholesale market as the prices are relatively lower, said another citizen, adding, they were also seen bargaining for the local dates at Sasta Bazaars of capital city.

Some traders have also come up with home delivery service for their customers, said a online retailer.

“We are providing our e-mail address and contact numbers to the customer and dispatch the dates at their respective homes,“ he added.

Muslims actually cherish the date because of its associations with the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (Peace be upon him ) traditions, said a youngster.

According to nutritionists, the sugar in this dried fruit keeps our energy levels high, and its high fiber content also makes us feel full for a longer time, which is why it is commonly eaten during both iftar and sehri.


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