Restoring PSM oxygen plants best option for sustainable supply

Staff Reporter

Islamabad Policy Institute on Tuesday asked the government not to be overwhelmed by the challenges in the revival of oxygen plants at Pakistan Steel Mills and to take urgent steps for their restoration in view of critical Covid19 pandemic situation.

The Islamabad based think tank held a virtual discussion on the aggravating Covid19 situation and the increasing pressure on medical facilities and supplies particularly oxygen.

IPI distinguished fellow Dr Ilyas Fazil, while moderating the discussion, said, “there will be problems related to the main equipment being idle for a long period of time but nothing that cannot be circumvented with the right expertise and supervision.”

Dr. Fazil noted that the assessments were based on inputs from M. Naim and Munawar Maqbool, both former members of PSM Technical Management, with the latter having served as the Deputy General Manager of the PSM Oxygen Plant.

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