Residents of Tharparkar urge govt to save Karoonjhar mountain


Staff Reporter

Thar Sujaag Forum Karachi and Sindh Facebook friends organized a protest at Karachi press club against cutting of Karoonjhar. Speaking to the Pakistan Observer the protesters Ahmed Soomroo, Mir Kerio, Junaid Kumar and other residents of Tharparkar said the Karoonjhar mountain is the cultural heritage of Sindh and it is also the beauty of Tharparkar region, where many tourists come to visits beauty of Tharparkar Karoonjhar mountain. They further said few private company’s profiteers are cutting the Karoonjhar mountain and selling unique stone of this mountain.
They demanded Sindh government take immediate action against cutting Karoonjhar mountain and save the beauty of Tharparkar and the cultural heritage of Sindh.

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