Residents brave up to 11-hour power outages


Amid extremely hot weather conditions, K-Electric, the city’s sole power company, has increased the duration of electricity loadshedding up to 11 hours a day.

According to the details, announced and unannounced prolonged power outages continued to trouble people in the metropolis.

The duration of power load-shedding in high-loss areas has been increased up to 11 hours, while the areas exempted from load-shedding were also experiencing power outages up to six hours a day.

Sources said that the soaring temperature has taken the power demand above 3300 MW in the port city while the gap between demand and supply had reached 700 MW.

Earlier on May 22, unannounced and prolonged power outages had marred  Karachiites’ lives and livelihoods across swathes of the port city in the sweltering weather on Saturday as a technical breakdown suffered in Bin Qasim power station had left the power supply disrupted.

Many Karachi areas had suffered up to nine hours of unanticipated power cuts as a plant at Bin Qasim billowed heavy smoke out of their gas insulating system due to a mechanical fault.


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